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We have various packages to suit any event.  Our packages are precisely designed to accommodate your event in relation to the number of guests in attendance.  All of our packages are customizable and can be altered right up until the week of your event. 

Let our professional, fun and entertaining staff make your event a success so you can sit back and enjoy your guests.

Stag Package 2
75 to 150 Guests
• 2 Hostesses
• 2 Tables
• Golf Game
• 3 Joker Poker Boards
• 2 Rolls of Raffle Tickets
• 200 Stag Tickets
• Record Book

Stag Package 1
Up to 75 Guests
• 1 Hostess
• 2 Tables
• Golf Game
• 2 Joker Poker Boards
• 1 Roll of Raffle Tickets
• 100 Stag Tickets
• Record Book

Stag Package 4
250 to 350 Guests
• 4 Hostesses
• 3 Tables
• Golf Game
• 6 Joker Poker Boards
• 4 Rolls of Raffle Tickets
• 400 Stag Tickets
• Record Book

Stag Package 3
150 to 250 Guests
• 3 Hostesses
• 2 Tables
• Golf Game
• 5 Joker Poker Boards
• 3 Rolls of Raffle Tickets
• 300 Stag Tickets
• Record Book


No event is too large or too small!

Additional packages are available for events that exceed 350 guests. Please contact us for further information.

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